AKB’s First Official Beat Tape!

AKB’s First Official Beat Tape!

Heavy Artillery Vol. 1 comes with 8 FIRE beats that have been crafted with only one goal in mind, giving the best first impression ever.

I tried making beats that didn’t need looong build-ups and intros.
Mid & Fast BPM tracks that go straight to the point.
So the second you press play, the record sounds dope.

All the beats in this tape have been crafted with absolute passion and care.
I do all the mixing and mastering myself so I can guarantee the quality and consistency of every single beat. Your songs will always sound as good when being played on different speakers/outlets. No more “re-mastering” and “tweaking” your final tracks, these beats come with high quality standards. So don’t worry, download this tape and you won’t be banging your head against a wall anytime soon!

Ready to fire up your next mixtape? Purchase Heavy Artillery Vol. 1 today!
Purchase Now For Only $100 (50% Off, You Save $100!!)

**I’m currently uploading all the WAV files so only the MP3 version is available for the moment.**

Click here to stream/download the album!

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